Denture Check-up

Use this self-checking list to see your denture status:

  1. Have you already got a denture that has never been checked since it was made?
  2. Have you got a denture that is more than 2 years old?
  3. Has your denture started to get loose?
  4. Are you using denture adhesives (e.g. polydent) to help denture stay still?
  5. Does your denture move and sometimes dig into your gum?
  6. Do you have sore or pressure spots?
  7. Do you have a denture that is discoloured or stained?


If you say YES to any of these, your denture is overdue for relining.


Denture Facts:

Your denture needs a regular refitting (preferably once a year refitting is required).

Many people think that once you have removed all the natural teeth and have a denture placed in the mouth, then you don’t have to worry about the teeth ever again.

But it is not true.

When all the natural teeth have been removed, we can see the bare bony gum called ‘ridge’.  Ridges change their shape and size as the underneath bone diminishes throughout the life time.  Your denture needs to be checked regularly to examine how much shrinkage has taken place since the last refitting or since it was made, so that they can be refitted to give you an optimal fitting.



Don’t leave your denture untreated too long.  

Shrinkage of your ridge or any damage to your natural teeth are not reversible!

Early Prevention is the only way to protect your gum and retaining natural teeth.