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Our clinic will be relocated to

9 Renoir Street West Harbour Auckland.

We are in the middle of renovating our new clinic. Please call us first before you come in.

09 2159521 or 021433822

Thank you!


Total Denture Care Clinic & Mobile Service Auckland

Competitive Price & Excellent Quality

We provide all kinds of Denture Services to most of areas in Auckland with competitive price and excellent quality.

Premium Quality Denture Directly to the Public

With our Clinical Dental Technician who has graduated from the Otago University with Bachelor of Dental Technology and Post-graduate Diploma of Clinical Dental Technology, we can deliver premium quality denture services directly to the public enabling our patients to experience a convenient and efficient denture experience without Dental Surgeon's referrals.  

Custom-made Denture that Fits Perfect

By practising a thorough initial consultation and an efficient step-by-step treatment planning method, we produce and deliver the most suitable custom-made denture that fits perfectly to each one of patients' requirements.

Why you can trust us:


We provide dentures according to the specific needs and requirements of each patient.  Every patient has different mouth conditions therefore different treatment options.


We provide dentures that are designed in the most ‘correct’ or ‘proper’ way that is not going to harm the adjacent retaining teeth or surrounding soft tissues.  You need to be aware of that some denture designs can cause harm to your other teeth.


Especially if it is patient's first time denture or if patient has been wearing previous denture for a long time, we take a special care to provide denture that is easier to adapt therefore patient can get used to the new denture in the quickest time period. 


We think about our patients and their denture problems first.  We know our limitations and don't hesitate to refer patients to other dental professionals if it is beyond our scopes of practice.


We believe that honesty and ethic are the most important things in a healthcare business.

We are Registered Competent Practising Dental Professionals

We Choose the Best Quality Materials for Your Dentures