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Is it your first time having a denture?

Having a denture for the first time in your life can be nervous.  You have made the tough decision to take all your teeth out and you are now about to experience something very new.  

You will need a good first experience to have a positive and successful result with your dentures.

Bad denture experience
"We have met many patients with such bad denture past experiences.  They are really struggling with their badly made dentures and even scared to try a new denture. " - Myteeth

It is important to find the good clinician who can provide you with a properly well-made First Denture.


After the extraction, gum starts to shrink as it heals.  For the first 6 months, gum shrinks at a fast rate and it slows down within the next 6 month.  For a First Denture, you should expect to get your denture relined or refitted within the first 6-12 months of extraction to have an optimal fit.



Why is replacing missing teeth with a denture important? 

What kind of denture do I need?