Lost all teeth

Full Dentures Auckland

If you have lost all of your natural teeth hence there are no natural teeth retaining in your mouth, you need a full denture (upper or/and lower) to be able to chew foods and speak properly.  

Problems that can occur after the loss of natural dentition:

  1. Speaking is impaired due to the loss of front teeth 
  2. Ability to chew food is reduced hence affecting your diet
  3. Facial shape is changed due to the loss of height in the lower third of the face
  4. Lower jaw protrudes which may cause TMJ problems and change in facial muscle activities

It is very important to replace the missing teeth with a prosthetic device as soon as possible in order to prevent those problems which are not reversible or can be fixed naturally. 

Full Denture can restore the desired lip support, your original natural facial shape, and ability to chew food to improve your appetite and nutritional health.

Myteeth Dentures are custom-made in order to fulfill the three requirements of dentures; comfort, function, and esthetic. 

Full Denture

What procedures does it take?

It usually requires 4 appointments to take the necessary measurements and deliver the denture.

1.  First Appointment:  Consult with our friendly expert clinician to choose the quality or the material of the denture according to your mouth condition, personal preference, and financial status. If you wish to proceed with the type of denture you have chosen, we can start the denture treatment straight away by taking impressions of your mouth on the same day.

2.  Second Appointment:  We measure height and width of your mouth by taking a bite registration. We will ask you to open and close the mouth several times to get the correct recordings. Also, you get to choose the colour, shape, and size of the teeth that you wish to have. Talk to our clinician what you want!

3.  Third Appointment:  You get to try the temporary dentures in your mouth to check the colour, shape, and size of the teeth are desirable. If you are unhappy with any of the denture teeth, we can adjust at this stage so speak up to our clinician so that you don’t have to wear the ugly looking teeth.

4.  Fourth Appointment:  We finish the denture once you are happy with everything. This is the final appointment for you to pick up the dentures and we check a few things in your mouth to make sure that the dentures will function properly.

Each appointments takes about 30 min to 1 hour and total full denture treatment usually takes about 2 weeks to finish.  However, depending on the situation, it may take shorter or longer time to finish.  

We welcome urgent cases.  If your case is urgent, please call us to discuss.


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