Metal partial-denture

Advantages of metal dentures:

  • Stronger denture that will last longer than the conventional acrylic denture type

  • Thinner denture that will take less room in your mouth

  • Easier to adapt due to less bulkiness 

  • More sensation of food and taste due to less palate coverage


Partial Denture Design
" Design of the metal framework should be done carefully in order to maintain the health of the surrounding tissues.   Bad denture design can harm the retaining teeth and adjacent gum.  Clinician should have a good knowledge on how to properly design a partial denture in order to prevent damage to the surrounding hard and soft tissues. " - Myteeth

There are several things to check before making the decision whether the patient can or cannot have a metal denture.

  1. You need an enough space between upper and lower teeth in biting.
  2. You need a number of sound natural teeth to act as anchors for the metal denture.
  3. The retaining teeth should be in reasonably good healthy condition.  If not, they might need pre-treatments before commencing the metal denture.
  4. You must not have allergic reactions with the material that is used for your metal denture.
  5. You need some retaining posterior teeth in order to avoid the metal parts showing.




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