From False-looking denture to Natural-looking denture

Reason for Visit:

This patient came to our clinic with a false-looking and ill-fitting full upper denture and lower partial denture that is digging into the gum.  She wanted to have a new denture that is looking more natural and fits better.

Mouth Condition:

Denture was about 6 years old.  It was made as an Immediate Denture but she never got it relined or refitted.  Her gum was in moderate condition but there has been a considerable amount of shrinkage since the denture was first put in.


Patient was very happy with her new appearance.  We corrected the mid-line which was off the centre before and she can now hardly show the false-looking pinky acrylic gum part of the denture which gives a very pleasant look when she smiles.

Her lower denture was also relined and clasps were adjusted to prevent it from digging into the gum.  Her lower denture is now fitting as perfectly as before when it was originally made and there is no more injury from the digging clasps.


Patient should come for a regular denture check-up to prevent the clasps from digging into the gum again.  Denture check-up is recommended once a year to check if the denture is in good place and check the amount of gum shrinkage so that if there has been an obvious amount of shrinkage occurred, reline should be done to get the gaps filled-in as well as to get the denture balanced properly throughout the entire denture base.


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