Acrylic partial-denture

Acrylic partial denture is made of acrylic or plastic.  It consists of three parts;

1. Major body which is the pink acrylic part,

2. Denture teeth which is the actual part that will be used to bite onto foods and

3. Metal clasps or clips which are clipped onto some of the adjacent retaining natural teeth to help denture stay firmly in place.  The metal clasps or clips can be removed if you wish to avoid showing the metal parts in the mouth when smiling.

This partial denture is the most commonly used type which can be used for every purpose, every situation, and every patient mouth condition.

This is the standard type of partial denture which is economical compared to other types of partial dentures.  

It can be the most esthetic natural-looking denture when it is properly made with thoughtful design.

Acrylic partial denture can be used for:

  • Temporary denture since it is less costly than other types of partial dentures
  • Transitional denture when patient is considering other types of restoration afterwards e.g. implant or bridge restorations
  • Esthetic denture to avoid showing of metal parts of restorations or to avoid pink gum part of the acrylic denture

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