Happy patient

Yuri has been very accommodating and has done an EXCELLENT job in helping me create a full denture set that is PERFECT for me! I’m very satisfied. I would highly recommend her to others!
— Luz from Remuera (June 2017)

Thank you so much for the PROMPT and PROFESSIONAL service and follow up!
— Adrienne from Newmarket (May 2015)

My Auntie is very happy with her new dentures and has had NO PROBLEM AT ALL!

She wanted me to thank you again for your WONDERFUL service!
— Debbie from Takapuna (May 2015)

I had a denture made 1 year ago but it didn’t feel right. I couldn’t bite on the denture because it hurt my gum so badly that I always had to take it out when eating.

There was a lady at my rest home who made denture with Yuri and she was very satisfied with the result so I wanted something like hers.

I was told that Yuri was good and I think the same after I have treated by her.

I’m very pleased with the result. Yuri has fixed my sore denture and now it’s all good!

I feel very well treated throughout the whole procedure. I’m very happy to recommend her to others. She’s a jolly good girl!
— Gwen from Brownsbay (Nov 2014)

I had lost front tooth and wedding was coming up for me to attend so I needed to fill in the gap urgently.

I was a little nervous at first because I had a bad experience with previous dental technician that I went to. However, I liked Yuri (the clinician) straight away as I came in to this clinic.

This clinic has a very good atmosphere and the clinician has nice comfortable smile. I was more upset about myself being late for the appointment however Yuri was very kind and very efficiently helpful.

I am very satisfied with the result. My face is filled out and my new teeth look very natural. Denture is very comfortable, I just need to get used to having something in my mouth since it is my first denture.

There is nothing I could find faults here in this clinic. Clinician is very knowledgeable as a young expert and very organised, tidy, and lovely! It could never be more relaxed and effective. I’m very happy to recommend Yuri to others!
— Matene from Mt Wellington

I came to see Yuri because my original teeth were worn and uncomfortable.

My new teeth are now more stable and nicer looking. Yuri has met my expectations very much in a professional manner.

I am very satisfied with the result and I highly recommend Yuri to others.

This clinic is very relaxing, clean and inverting!
— Jan from Remuera

I wanted to try this particular denture technician even I live far away from the clinic.

I got a new set of dentures - full top and partial bottom as my old ones are over 40 years old. I now look good with the new set!

Yes, I can recommend friends to her!
— Gladys from Grey Lynn

I was in need of good dentures in order to improve my life.

My new dentures are well made and they look good!

I am very satisfied with the result and I will recommend others to this clinic.

Yuri was very nice to deal with at all time. Very professional!
— Baker from Russell

I came here to get full dentures done as my last ones were damaged and rest of my teeth were also damaged.

The clinician was nice, friendly, and had a professional attitude.

My teeth are now perfect and I can smile again. I am very satisfied with the result as it has a nice comfortable fit!

All in all, I would recommend anyone to see this clinician. Well worth the money spent!
— Ben from Remuera

Thank you Yuri. By all accounts mum is happy with her new teeth!
— Donna from Brownsbay