Flexible or valplast partial denture

Do you feel your denture is too bulky and uncomfortable when you only need a small number of teeth to replace?

  • Are you having a trouble with your rigid acrylic or metal denture?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable with your denture because it is taking too much space in your mouth?
  • Do you want more taste and food texture when eating?
  • Do you have only a few of your front or back teeth missing?


Then, a Flexible Denture is your choice!

flexible or valplast denture.jpg

Advantages of Flexible Dentures:

1. Esthetic denture:

There are no metal parts in the denture which makes your smile more beautiful and natural.  You can have smiles with no metal parts showing.

2. Great phonetics:

Since it is small and thin, it does not affect your speech much.

3Minimal coverage of the palate or roof of your mouth:

You can feel more sensation of food and taste.

4. Easier to adapt:

It takes the least amount of time to adapt to this type of denture since it takes the least room in your mouth.

5. Light in weight:

This is the lightest denture in weight.  Your gum won’t get tired after all-day wearing.



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