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If you've ever dropped your dentures on the floor or sink, you should have your dentures checked by professionals since dentures are not unbreakable. Chipped and cracked dentures can cause tissue damage to your soft gums and surrounding oral tissue exacerbating poor dental conditions. At Myteeth, we do same-day denture repairs in Auckland using only quality denture repairing products that will last long without peeling or discoloration.


Denture Repairs Auckland

Since the first years of our life we hear that caring about teeth is a crucial task for everyone. When the baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth they are to serve you as long as you will live. Although, for many reasons, people lose their teeth. The statistics show that between age of 21-30 about 27% of people lose one or even more teeth.

The reasons are well known:

  • poor oral hygiene
  • poor nutrition
  • fear of dentist — some people have a persistent fear of consulting the specialists, even when they have bad toothaches
  • contact sports
  • lack of finances

As a result, in older age people face consequences of tooth loss: they have to avoid eating some products because it is too hard to chew them; speech problems — can't pronounce some sounds, lisping; the neighbouring teeth are weakening. Another great problem is social embarrassment — people may be afraid of smiling, and it causes anxiety and loss of self-confidence.

Fortunately, modern dentistry suggests many options of avoiding all these problems, even elderly people can enjoy their life, eating apples, for example, or smiling without being shy that someone will see the poor state of teeth health.

Myteeth Denture Clinic & Mobile in Auckland, New Zealand, offers you a wide range of services. In particular, you can order here denture repairs or dentures of any kind, which will serve you better than your lost natural teeth. The main advantage of using dentures is that they are replaceable. They closely resemble natural tissues and teeth, so no one ever notices the difference.

The specialists of the clinic are glad to propose you dentures made of different materials: acrylic, metal. Depending on the state of health of the oral cavity you can choose full or partial denture. The dentists will carefully examine your situation and will select the optimum solution so that you can forget about chewing or social problems.

At first, patients may feel awkward, but if they observe all the recommendations of the dentist about caring of the "false teeth", they will fit you ideally. The rules are not difficult:

  • use some adhesives to improve stability and retention
  • soak the denture with cleansers when you do not wear them
  • remove partial denture while brushing the resting natural teeth
  • don't drink hot tea or water because acryl may lose its form, don't sterilize them with boiling water

Nowadays it is quite easy to look nice even in older age, your smile can be as charming as in younger years.


Cost varies depending on the severity of denture breakage.


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