False Teeth Treatment

What are Dentures

According to the Wikipedia, Dentures, also known as false teeth, are prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth; they are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity.

Why replacing missing teeth in the oral cavity is very important:


1.  It helps chew foods better:  When a person loses three or more teeth, he/she will start to notice that their chewing is not as efficient as before.  Having gaps in between teeth can make someone feel annoyed when eating foods as the food particles are likely to be packed in these gaps and chewing is impaired as there is no opposing teeth to support the grinding effects of the teeth.  Chewing foods in order to break them down into smaller particles is a very important role for our body system.   It is called ‘mastication’ that is the first step of digestion.  During this masticating process, foods are broken down to increase their surface areas which will allow more efficient break down by enzymes.  Filling in these gaps by placing a partial denture can help this mastication process hence digest foods better.  Also, when it comes to a person who has lost all the natural teeth in the mouth, replacing these missing teeth with a full denture will obviously make the person a lot happier to enjoy their foods. 

2.  It helps keep our body healthy:  As mentioned above, appropriate chewing helps better digesting in our body.  Especially for elderly people, it is essential l to monitor their nutrition.  A poor diet can have a vital effect on their health causing deficiency diseases, health-threatening diseases, or even common chronic system diseases.  Being able to eat the necessary foods for their or your health is never something that you would need to think twice.

3.  It helps look better:  When a person loses teeth and if it is the front teeth that are missing, he/she may feel embarrassed or ashamed of their appearance.   There have been many studies proving that having missing teeth actually decreases a person’s self-confidence level and in accordance with that, decreases the enjoyment of their social-life.  Teeth are not only there to help people chew and digest foods.  They also take an important role affecting the way how people socialise.  Social-life often involves appointments like luncheon with girl friends or dine-out with colleagues, etc.  If we lose our happiness of eating, what else can get worse?

4.  It protects other retaining teeth:  When there is a gap, the adjacent retaining teeth are prone to move or ‘migrate’ into the empty space to fill the gap.  When they do that, they over-erupt or tilts sideways which can lead to root exposure therefore looseness or mobility of the teeth.  Filling in the gaps with a proper denture will prevent these from occurring hence retaining the other teeth for a longer time.



Find the Denture that You Need

Denture Diagnose
Dentures can be in many different shapes and designs. It is important for a clinician to look at and study individual’s oral condition and find the most appropriate and ‘correct’ design to diagnose.
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