Ultimate face make-over after changing from old worn-out full denture to new Myteeth dentures.

Faceover with new dentures

Reason for Visit:

This patient came to our clinic with very old (30+ years old) severely worn-out full dentures hoping to get a new set of dentures that will make him look better and be able to eat better.  He wanted to be able to chew steaks and nuts which he couldn't do with his old dentures.

Mouth Condition:

Top ridge was in good healthy condition with moderate height and width which contributes to reasonably good retention for the top denture.

Bottom ridge was however not in an ideal condition to make a good retentive denture.  The ridge was severely resorbed with absolutely no height and very pronounced hard underlying bone plus mobile flabby tissues at the back of the mouth.  

We had to warn the patient for the outcome which is likely to cause a problem with sore spots and moving denture.  Fortunately, patient was used to the bottom denture that moves up and down because his old denture does the same anyway and patient understood why his bottom denture cannot be more stable with conventional full dentures.  


Patient was very happy with his new appearance.  He looks absolutely much younger than before and now he can freely smile and eat steaks and nuts as he wished!

He had to come back a few times to sort out sore spots because of the condition of the bottom ridge which had only a very thin layer of skin on the exposed hard underlying bone.

Improvements that we can make:

If patient wants, Soft Liner can be added to the fitting surface of the bottom denture to provide a cushion for the thin skin that is against the hard underlying bone.  In this way, most of existing sore spots are removed and patient will be able to bite harder foods better.

If patient can afford, Implantation will be the most appropriate and best solution for the movement of the bottom denture.  Also, this will reduce the number of sore spots as implant denture only covers the minimal amount of area in the mouth. 



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