Just got teeth extracted - First time Full Denture

First time full denture

Reason for Visit:

Patient called our clinic to have a first-time full denture made.  She got the remained top natural teeth extracted about 1 month ago and now she needs a Full Denture to be able to speak and eat properly.

Mouth Condition:

Top ridge was in good healthy condition.  Extraction sites were healing beautifully.  There was no soreness or swelling of the gum and a good height and width of the ridge for good denture retention. 


Patient now can speak better.  She needs some more time to get adjusted because it is her first time denture.  She will need to get used to the feeling of acrylic that is covering the whole palate (roof of the mouth) and a bit of practice to make sounds come out perfectly. 

Patient is very satisfied with her new appearance.  She said that it looks like her original natural teeth!  Her family was also happy with how she looks.

Improvements we can make:

She only had front natural teeth left for the bottom arch.  To make the new top denture more stable when biting, she will need a bottom Partial Denture to replace the missing posterior teeth so that the top denture can have a support at the back of the mouth.  In this way, denture does not get tilted when patient tries to bite down on a hard food with using her front teeth only.



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